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The most famous and popular shape, representing 70% of the diamonds in circulation. This shape offers the best sparkle.


Consistently one of the top 5 best sellers thanks to it’s square shape and defined angles.


Offers a unique look thanks to its highly feminine and elegant shape.


An option gaining popularity, it is considered a hybrid between the princess and the round shape.


An incredibly popular choice thanks to its sparkle. An ideal shape for those who wish to get the maximum volume effect.


A similar appearance to the radiant shape, but its corners are rounded and the shape is square, just like a cushion.


Very similar in shape to the emerald but this one is square in shape. A beautiful balance between sparkle and a classic look.


A classic-looking shape, this one is recognizable because of its rectangular shape.


Considered the most romantic shape, it also offers a beautiful sparkle.


This elongated and narrow shape with sharp ends creates a charming sparkling surface.


Considered the highest quality option, platinum is used at a purity level of 95%. White metal, the turntable is malleable and durable.

19k Gold

Purity level of 79%, available in white gold only. This white gold option is popular for those who want the most sparkling finish possible.

18k Gold

Purity level of 75%, available in yellow, white and rose gold. The preferred option for purists who wish to preserve the stainless and non-allergenic qualities of gold.

14k Gold

Purity level of 58%, available in yellow, white and rose gold. This is the most popular option in North America.

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